Have you ever wondered why you naturally work well with some people; yet working with others is exhausting? DISC is a tool that identifies each person’s orientation to the world around them; specifically, reactions to, and preferred interactions with: people, feelings, data, and tasks.

With different preferences, friction and conflict can easily occur. When you understand your own and other’s behavioral preferences, you can dramatically improve your ability relate to others, and enhance professional and personal relationships.

Real-world applications? How about the sales call where your presentation bombs? Or, maybe you have to deal with two co-workers that just can’t seem to get along? Understanding Extended DISC makes solving these issues much easier. For example, you could tailor your sales approach if you could determine whether the customer across the table responded to facts or emotion in your presentation. Or, those two employees arguing in front of you can’t even begin to understand why they irritate each other, but your explanation just might solve the problem for good.

Best Workplace Solutions is an Authorized Affiliate of Extended DISC®, one of the best DISC providers available. Where most DISC Assessments identify 16 different behavioral DISC styles, Extended DISC® recognizes 160 different behavioral profiles to ensure accurate behavioral style identification and truly address the complexity of individuals.

Additionally, when you partner with Best Workplace Solutions, we offer the following:

  • Low $49 per-assessment fee to complete the DISC Inventory
  • Included! Individualized report based on the respondent’s role type
  • Included! Unlimited application of DISC results to new report types – respondent’s inventory results can easily be incorporated into an Alternate Role Report, Work Pair Compatibility Report, or Team Analysis Report
  • Available DISC Workshops:
      • Half-Day Program: “Understanding DISC and Communication”
      • Full-Day* Program: “Leveraging DISC in Leadership”
      • Full-Day* Program: “Leveraging DISC is Service and Sales”

    *Both full-day courses include the half-day course as part of the day.

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