Best Workplace Solutions offers comprehensive HR Assessments and Audits at affordable rates to help our clients identify deficiencies and potential areas of non-compliance in their Human Resource policies, practices, processes, and systems.

Every assessment is completed objectively by a professional human resources practitioner, with the intent of supporting your HR team and improving your organization.

Our audit and assessment services are fully-customizable, and include these areas and functions:
– Legal Employment Practices Audit
– Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Effectiveness Assessment
– Employment Branding and Recruitment Marketing Assessment
– Talent Development Systems Assessment
– Employee Retention Strategy Effectiveness Assessment
– Safety and Risk Management Audit
– Strategic Alignment and Succession Planning Assessment
– Compensation and Benefits Systems Assessment
– Compensation Structure “Annual Market Data” Audit and Update Service
– Or, design a custom assessment based on your needs!

Why Best Workplace Solutions?
Our consultants bring years of experience in both HR and Leadership positions, bolstered by degrees in HR and professional HR/OD certifications; which provides our clients with a well-rounded and real-world perspective not often found in the “auditing” world. Further, Best Workplace Solutions has “in-house” access to top-rated employment attorneys at Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP., making finding answers to those tough, legal questions in an ever-changing field a simple phone call away.

How are the Assessments Completed?
After defining the scope of the assessment, your BWS Consultant provides you with a flat-fee proposal and flexible scheduling options. Within two weeks of completion, you receive a full written “Findings and Recommendations Report” with suggestions to remedy any areas of opportunity or non-compliance.

How Are They Different?
Unlike many of our competitors, this report also includes a proposed menu of optional services – you are able to contract-hire your BWS Consultant, now familiar with your staff and business, to help you implement real solutions!

Contact us today to discuss your assessment and audit needs, and receive a no-obligation proposal with flat-fee pricing!