Still using pen-and-paper forms? Our team has built digital forms in MS Excel that enable computer-fillable templates – streamlining your Human Resources function.

Don’t spend hours “reinventing the wheel” when you can purchase our affordable, form templates for your business. We customize each form based on your needs, and to brand each file to your business.

Some of our template forms include:
– Change of Status Forms
– Request Off / Vacation or PTO Forms
– Termination and/or Resignation Forms
– Recruitment Requisition Request Forms (Add a Role, Open a Role)
– Performance Review Forms (Annual or Quarterly)
– Coaching Log Workbooks
– Company Policy and “SOP” Form Templates
And, many more!

Want something original? Contact our resident, self-proclaimed “Form Nerds” to discuss your vision and receive a no-obligation estimate for the design and development of your files.