Best Workplace Solutions’ MODEL Leader program is a direct, hands-on, and immersive leadership training series that exposes attendees to a full scope of leadership principles ranging from the traditional to the cutting-edge.  Participants learn leadership theories, share best practices, and discuss real-world issues with their peers. The interactive series includes many case-study applications where the group works together to develop practical and collaborative solutions to problematic process and people issues.  Each participant receives a MODEL Leader program book with valuable reference materials and tools. Throughout the program, participants build a professional development plan to help them actively transfer and integrate new behaviors into their leadership roles.


Best Workplace Solutions’ MODEL Leader program was created by two award-winning* professionals in the training and development field;  both with years of real-world managerial experience in several industries, as well as degrees and professional backgrounds in Human Resources and Organizational Development. Our facilitators’ combined experience enables a well-rounded, holistic perspective to successfully managing people across organizations and industries.

Our MODEL Leader Program is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® certifications. The four-day program is valid for (25) PDCs. Many custom versions of the MODEL program are also eligible for credits, based upon the topics included.


Best Workplace Solutions’ MODEL Leader program is offered as a public program or as a private program; depending on the client’s needs.  Public sessions are hosted in Waukesha, WI each month, one day per week over a four-week period. See our upcoming schedule below, with Buy It Now options.  Private sessions are hosted at your location for up-to 24 employees, and content can be customized, including: adding, removing, or re-sequencing topics.  Scheduling options are also individually tailored;  MODEL can be taught in four consecutive days, one day per week for four weeks, or one half-day per week for eight weeks — whichever works best for the client’s day-to-day operations.  Our four-day program overview is as follows:


Great leadership starts with a great mindset about what leadership is. Participants define leadership, explore the concept of organizational responsibility, discuss teamwork and conflict, learn about leading organizational culture, practice personal accountability behaviors,  and learn how to productively handle receiving constructive or critical feedback. Each person completes a Leadership Competencies Inventory Inventory and begins a Personal Development Plan.  At Client request, a 45-60 minute “Harassment Prevention Training for Leadership” session is included.


Focusing on the process-side of leadership, participants learn effective time management and prioritizing practices, apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills, discuss change management theories and techniques, explore typical performance management cycles within organizations, and discuss the formal discipline process in the context of HR and legal implications. Participants are given an access code to complete an Extended DISC Questionnaire between sessions.


Focusing on the people-side of leadership, the topic of feedback is revisited; however, shifting from receiving feedback to delivering feedback to others. Participants gain hands-on experience having “real-play” critical performance management conversations: setting expectations, training, coaching, delivering discipline, and developing through delegation. Motivation theories are discussed, and participants learn the value of trust, influence, and credibility in leadership. Lastly, we cover effective presentation skills for leaders so they may host effective and productive meetings. All participants are expected to create, practice, and deliver a two-to-three minute presentation for the last day of the series.


Described as “a favorite” module, the last day of the program focuses on improving communication skills and techniques that reduce friction and stress in the workplace. Participants learn how to improve empathy and increase emotional intelligence, and work on their active listening skills. A large portion of the day is dedicated to teaching the DISC Model; a behavioral analysis tool that helps us better understand and predict the needs of others. This series is capped with an experiential afternoon; including a critical thinking and decision-making case study exercise, and ending with the leadership presentations.


“I found the MODEL Leader curriculum to be an appropriate blend of current topics important for leaders at all reporting and experience levels. The delivery was kept lively through a mix of lecture, real-life examples, video, audience participation, break-out sessions and participant presentation.  Although the curriculum was highly applicable to our training needs, the presentation of the material by Andie is what made this an exceptional program. Andie relays the course materials in an overwhelmingly effective manner through her knowledgeable, dynamic, honest, open and thoughtful approach.  There were several instances where employee growth was occurring in front of your eyes as people stepped out of themselves.  Lastly, the program gave an opportunity for cross-functional exposure at a different level that opened up the door to improved relationships.” –Jeff P., Director of Operations


Buy It Now! MODEL Leadership Series (Private Program, up-to 24 Participants)

Hosting MODEL Leader at your company is an affordable way to get your leaders on the same page! Dates and schedules are customized based on your company's needs, and you can also customize the topics presented. Please email: adgebert@bestworkplacesolutions.com for more details, availability, and invoicing options.


Best Workplace Solutions is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. Our MODEL Leader program is valid for 25 PDCs, as listed. Many customized sessions are also be eligible for credits, pending the content selected – contact us for details. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit: http://www.shrmcertification.org.

(*) Award-Winning Professionals:  Together, Andie Gebert and Kurt Meyer created an internal training college and leadership development program that was recognized with several international awards by the Association for Talent Development; including three BEST Awards and an Excellence in Practice Award. Further, Andie Gebert is a CPLP Credentialed Training and Development Professional with an emphasis on Facilitation.