Best Workplace Solutions offers two options for Executive and HR Leadership Recruitment services, both providing a unique declining fee structure, unmatched in the recruiting and search industry.

Option One: Retained Executive Search
Executive Search services are conducted remotely by an award-winning VP/Director of HR with extensive experience placing executives and C-suite candidates in a multitude of industries. Our declining scale fee structure is based on a twelve (12) week search window at a flat-fee of $36,000; independent of the target base salary of the executive being placed.

With our unique declining fee structure, if a qualified candidate is not located in the initial 12-week window, an amount of $1,000 per week of the original flat-fee is refunded to the Client, to a maximum of $18,000 refunded over an additional eighteen weeks of search services.

Option Two: Insourced HR Leadership Search
Our most popular service, and specific to Human Resources positions, we simultaneously conduct your retained search while working onsite to provide interim HR Leadership services — assuring continuity and the completion of critical functions delivered your HR department.

Insourced Search services are provided on a part-time basis (16-20/hours per week) by a qualified HR professional with experience and educational background suitable for the specific position being back-filled. This service is offered for executive-level roles (Directors, VPs, and similar-level) at a flat-fee of $6,000 per week for the first 16 weeks; and offered for HR Leadership roles (Managers, Associate Directors, and similar-level) at a flat-fee of $4,500 per week for the first 16 weeks.

If a qualified candidate is not located within the initial 16 weeks of service, additional weeks of Insourced Search Services are rendered at the following declining fee structure:

ROLE LEVELWeeks 17-20Weeks 21-24Weeks 25-28
Executive Level
Insourced Search
$5,000 Weekly$4,000 Weekly$3,000 Weekly
HR Leadership
Insourced Search
$3,500 Weekly$2,500 Weekly$1,500 Weekly

If after 28 weeks, the Client wishes to continue Insourced Search Services, or simply continue Interim services without a search component, the fees for said rendered services will resume at the individual consultant’s regular hourly rate, which will be clearly communicated in a proposal letter.

Our Executive Search Components Include:
 Background Review, a thorough employment verification and professional references is conducted at client request.
 Behavioral DiSC Style Analysis Report assists in the definition of top candidate leadership traits, and enhance understanding of candidate communication style
 Bi-Weekly Search Status Reports include candidate rankings and funnel updates
 Cultural Fit and Alignment is mission-critical for HR leadership. Best Workplace Solutions meets with senior leadership to understand values and tenets, unique employee relations practices, etc. to align candidates with culture
 Labor and Employment Practice Attorney Assessment – a one hour interview with follow-up verbal assessment of candidate assessment on employer specified employment law expertise.
 Market Compensation and Role Evaluation, the Client is provided with validation of existing compensation structure for the role; and an evaluation of the role responsibilities, if desired.
 Managed Interview Logistics, where the consultant works with senior leadership to coordinate all interview logistics and employer mandated pre-placement screening
 Metrics Alignment, where the search is based on candidate accomplishments in senior leadership defined HR Metrics critical to client’s organizational success.