“I found the MODEL Leader curriculum to be an appropriate blend of current topics important for leaders at all reporting and experience levels. The delivery was kept lively through a mix of lecture, real-life examples, video, audience participation, break-out sessions and participant presentation.  Although the curriculum was highly applicable to our training needs, the presentation of the material is what made this an exceptional program. They relay the course materials in an overwhelmingly effective manner through their knowledgeable, dynamic, honest, open and thoughtful approach.  There were several instances where employee growth was occurring in front of your eyes as people stepped out of themselves.  Lastly, the program gave an opportunity for cross-functional exposure at a different level that opened up the door to improved relationships.”
–Jeff P., Director of Operations

“There was not one single section that I did not find helpful. Everything in this series is well thought-out.”

–MODEL Leader Participant


“I found everything in this training (series) to be very valuable and I will be able to use everything I learned in my work life; from figuring out what kind of leader I want to be to effectively leading my team through change.”
–MODEL Leader Participant


“This class allowed me to see management from a different perspective.”
—MODEL Leader Participant