In today’s fast-paced and digital business environment, companies need centralized training solutions that provide rapid content distribution and automate reporting, data analysis, and records retention. Growing enterprise companies need a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to stay competitive and relevant – and Best Workplace Solutions provides Clients affordable and easy access to our “BEST LCMS” platform.

LCMS: Learning Centers, Made Simple

We believe that “LCMS” stands for “Learning Centers, Made Simple.” Though our BEST LCMS platform, we build and customize a secure, cloud-based Learning Center for your business, providing a cost-effective, always-accessible online training portal for all employees across all geographic locations of your organization.

Best Workplace Solutions brings a consultative approach to building your Learning Center; designing, developing, and implementing a company-branded, turn-key platform specific to your organizational objectives. The infrastructure of your Training Center can be designed to support virtually all learning objectives; including, but not limited to employee onboarding, HR and policy orientation, safety and regulatory compliance training, culture and values communication, mission/vision alignment, career growth and skills development programs, and of course, product and services training.

What You Receive

When you choose BEST LCMS, we work with you to set-up your platform and also train your internal administrators to use the Learning Center. We meet with you to fully understand the organizational training objectives and the purpose of your Learning Center. We discuss everything from aesthetic design to back-end infrastructure and reporting to ensure the platform meets the needs of your organization not only today, but into the future.

Within several weeks of the initial meeting, you will receive a ready-to-use, turn-key platform on which to upload your company documents and training content. Upon completion, we train your designated Learning Center administrators, and provide them with end-user training content and day-to-day telephone and email support with any administrative and technical questions. Ultimately, you get the best of both worlds: complete administrative control over the content that is loaded-to and delivered-through your Learning Center, with the back-end support of a team of LCMS Platform experts.

Best Workplace Solutions offers several optional and related services, such as: Custom Course Content Development and Uploading, Course Content Maintenance, Off-the-Shelf (Standard) or Off-the-Shelf (Customized Branded) Content, and long-term or short-term LCMS Administrator Services.

  • Centralized Learning & Development

    Your company branded training center provides a single access point for all learning content (e-learnings, documents, videos, and live classroom schedules)

  • Automated Compliance

    Whether Federal or State law, safety, environmental or employment regulatory training, you can ensure organizational compliance with seamless tracking and reporting; including automatic re-enrollments in mandatory annual or biannual trainings

  • Eliminate Manual Documentation

    Automatic tracking and storing of all user training attempts, activities, scores, and related analytical data

  • Teach And Reinforce Your Values & Culture

    Strengthen your presence and identity in the marketplace by ensuring consistent employee behaviors

  • Help Align your People Strategy with your Sales and Operating Strategy
  • Empower Employees & Reduce Turnover

    Create defined Learning and Career Development Paths, improving employee retention and satisfaction

  • Cultivate a Culture of Learning

    Enable “gamified” learning, fostering a fun and competitive organizational learning culture

  • Easy Management of Learning Content

    Upload PDFs, PowerPoints, and/or SCORM-Compliant Modules directly onto the learning platform

  • Cost Effective Solutions

    Significantly reduces costs and time related to training and travel

Demo Access

If you’d like a demonstration of our BEST LCMS platform or any off-the-shelf e-learning content, we’d be happy to help! Please contact us:


Best Workplace Solutions provides BEST LCMS platform access for your customized Learning Center based on the number of users:

Total Users in the LCMS Platform Monthly Cost
1-100 $200
101-250 $300
251-500 $400
501-1000 $500
1000+ Contact us for pricing