In today’s fast-paced and digital business environment, companies need centralized training solutions that provide rapid content distribution and automate reporting, data analysis, and records retention. Growing enterprise companies need a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to stay competitive and relevant – and Best Workplace Solutions provides Clients affordable and easy access to our “BEST LCMS” platform.

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LCMS: Learning Centers, Made Simple

We like to say that “LCMS” really stands for “Learning Centers, Made Simple.” Through our BEST LCMS platform, we build and customize a secure, cloud-based Learning Center for your business, providing a cost-effective, always-accessible online training portal for all employees across all geographic locations of your organization.

Best Workplace Solutions brings a consultative approach to building your Learning Center; designing, developing, and implementing a company-branded, turn-key platform specific to your organizational objectives. The infrastructure of your Training Center can be designed to support virtually all learning objectives; including, but not limited to employee onboarding, HR and policy orientation, safety and regulatory compliance training, culture and values communication, mission/vision alignment, career growth and skills development programs, and of course, product and services training.

What You Receive

When you choose BEST LCMS, we work with you to set-up your platform and also help to train your internal administrators to use the Learning Center. We strive to understand your organizational training objectives and the purpose of your Learning Center; then discuss everything from aesthetic design to back-end infrastructure and reporting to ensure the platform meets the needs of your organization not only today, but into the future.

Within several weeks of the set-up discussion, you will receive a ready-to-use, turn-key platform on which to upload your company documents and training content. Upon completion, we teach your designated Learning Center administrators, and provide them with administrator and end-user training content to roll-out internally. Further, we provide them with day-to-day telephone and email support with any administrative and technical questions. Ultimately, you get the best of both worlds: complete administrative control over the content that is loaded-to and delivered-through your Learning Center, with the back-end support of a team of LCMS Platform experts.

Best Workplace Solutions offers several optional and related services, such as: Custom Course Content Development and Uploading, Course Content Maintenance, Off-the-Shelf (Standard) or Off-the-Shelf (Customized Branded) Content, and long-term or short-term LCMS Administrator Services.

  • Centralized Learning & DevelopmentYour company branded training center provides a single access point for all learning content (e-learnings, documents, videos, and live classroom schedules)
  • Automated ComplianceWhether Federal or State law, safety, environmental or employment regulatory training, you can ensure organizational compliance with seamless tracking and reporting; including automatic re-enrollments in mandatory annual or biannual trainings
  • Eliminate Manual DocumentationAutomatic tracking and storing of all user training attempts, activities, scores, and related analytical data
  • Teach And Reinforce Your Values & CultureStrengthen your presence and identity in the marketplace by ensuring consistent employee behaviors
  • Help Align your People Strategy with your Sales and Operating Strategy
  • Empower Employees & Reduce TurnoverCreate defined Learning and Career Development Paths, improving employee retention and satisfaction
  • Cultivate a Culture of LearningEnable “gamified” learning, fostering a fun and competitive organizational learning culture
  • Easy Management of Learning ContentUpload PDFs, PowerPoints, and/or SCORM-Compliant Modules directly onto the learning platform
  • Cost Effective SolutionsSignificantly reduces costs and time related to training and travel

Demo Access

If you’d like a demonstration of our BEST LCMS platform or any off-the-shelf e-learning content, we’d be happy to help! Please contact us: