Best Workplace Solutions (BWS), a division of Michael Best Consulting LLC, provides a full scope of human resources consulting services and assists employers align their people strategies with their business strategies.

With the economy’s employment in flux, employers are scrambling to find and retain top talent. Many decision makers have identified hiring and retaining talent as their number one challenge. As a result of this feedback, the Labor & Employment Relations practice group at Michael Best, identified the development of solutions to this challenge as a strategic priority and developed BWS. With this collaboration, we offer clients seamless service in all areas of employment and labor law, workplace safety and accident response, agency enforcement actions, litigation, and much more. Despite alignment with the Labor & Employment Practice Group and its Wisconsin location, BWS provides an opportunity for clients across practice groups and industries and can service clients operating anywhere in the US.

BWS is led by a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) with decades of experience as an in-house corporate HR director, who has created award-winning organizational development and risk management systems.

To learn more about the service areas offered, please visit the Services page.